Attapulgite and Air Floated Kaolin
Fume Silicas, Precipitated Silica and Silanes
BIocides, Fungicides and Stain Blockers
Specialty Additives, Organic rheological & associative thickeners for paint and coatings
High activity dispersants (Daxad)
Kaolin Clays
Mineral Fibers
Rheological Modifiers, pH Modifiers & Point-of-Sale Colourants.
Acrylics, Polyurethanes, Dispersants, PVC Emulsions, Elastomerics, Waxes and Matting Agents.
Cellulosic, Associative Thickeners and Powdered Redispersible Latex Polymers
Food ingredients and flavors
Talc, Mica & Precipitated Calcium Carbonate