Attapulgite and Air Floated Kaolin
Fume Silicas, Precipitated Silica and Silanes
BIocides, Fungicides and Stain Blockers
Specialty Additives, Organic rheological & associative thickeners for paint and coatings
High activity dispersants (Daxad)
Kaolin Clays
Mineral Fibers
Rheological Modifiers, pH Modifiers & Point-of-Sale Colourants.
Acrylics, Polyurethanes, Dispersants, PVC Emulsions, Elastomerics, Waxes and Matting Agents.
Cellulosic, Associative Thickeners
Food ingredients and flavors
Silicone Fluids, Waterproofing Agents, Silane Coupling Agents and Silane Crosslinkers
Talc, Mica & Precipitated Calcium Carbonate